Update: 6 April 2011

Dear IAIED members,

By now everyone knows that Christchurch, New Zealand was hit with a major earthquake. That was the original site of the AIED Conference in June/July of 2011. Tanja Mitrovic (the Local Arrangement Chair), Judy Kay (President of AIED) and many others have been working around the clock to make suitable arrangements to accomodate the disaster. We have been so happy that everyone has been understanding about the challanges that we are facing.

We are pleased to confirm that we have been able to relocate the AIED2011 Conference to Auckland, New Zealand. The conference will be Tuesday 28th June to Saturday 2nd July. Take a look at the website for details as they evolve (http://www.aied2011.canterbury.ac.nz/).

These dates make the conference one day later than the initial schedule, but this was unavoidable with our need to shift the conference. Workshops will be conduected on the Tuesday and Saturday. Tanja and her colleagues in New Zealand are working hard to make AIED2011 an outstanding experience in spite of the challenges. We look forward to seeing you here in New Zealand.

Many of us throughout the world are excited about visiting New Zealand and attending the conference we all know and love. New Zealand is absolutely breathtaking and the colleagues are even more stimulating. And on a more adventursome note, see the message below by Paula Durlach.

Art Graesser

Dear IAIED members planning to attend AIED2011,

If you are not interested in sailing in TONGA after the conference, read no further.

How would you like to do a bareboat charter in TONGA after the conference. Tonga is the embodiment of a South Pacific island paradise. I am willing to make the arrangements if we have enough interested people. There are various opportunities to charter in Tonga, and when else will you ever get the chance! Round trip flights from Aukland to Tonga are less than $500 U.S. and the flight takes ~ 3 hours. Besides bareboat, crewed charters are also available.

If you are interested, please email back to me as soon as possible with the following information:

Name, potential dates you could sail (including time for transportation from Auckland and back), rough upper limit on what you would be willing to spend per day for the boat, your sailing background.

Here are various opportunities for chartering.


Paula J. Durlac
U.S. Army Research Institute

Street address: 12423 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826
407 384 3983