Last updated: 19 May 2011 NZST

This page is to provide updates to the AIED community from the local organising committee regarding "AIED2011 after the Christchurch earthquake".

Has the Christchurch earthquake affected the conference?

On 22 February 2011, Christchurch suffered a major earthquake causing fatalaties and damage to much of the city's infrastructure (see our previous news item regarding the earthquake). This means that we have had to suddenly re-think (and re-organise) much of our previously organised local arrangements. The local organising committee has been working very hard to ensure that all the local arrangements are sorted and are committed to make sure that the conference is an awesome experience for everyone involved! We have had huge support from many others, including the University of Auckland who are providing the conference venue and a lot of help. We are excited and looking forward to seeing all of you in June!

Will the AIED 2011 conference still be held?

Yes. Definitely. We have had to reorganise our local arrangements - but these are well under way and progressing very well; updates will be posted to this page.

Where will the conference be held?

The conference has been moved to Auckland, New Zealand and will be held at the University of Auckland (see map). Auckland, the trade/business capital of New Zealand, is a beautiful city (surrounded by beautiful beaches) in the northern part of New Zealand and is usually the first port of call for international travellers arriving at our shores. Our change of location could mean reduced air fares for our participants (as they do not have to book the next leg of the flight to Christchurch).

Have the dates of the conference changed?

Yes, by one day. We are very conscious that all of you have already organised your calendars/schedules having known the original dates. With this in mind, we have tried very hard to keep the dates of the conference as close to the original dates as possible (even with the change in location/venue). The conference will still be held in the same week. However, due to the normal exam schedule at the University of Auckland, we have had to move the conference by one day to Tuesday 28 June to Friday 1 July (inclusive).

If I have any queries, who do I contact?

If you have any queries regarding any of the local arrangements, please contact us. Either Tanja Mitrovic or Moffat Mathews will be able to answer your queries regarding local arrangements.

Do you provide any immigration support?

Unfortunately, we are legally not allowed to provide any immigration advice and any information we might provide must not be taken as immigration advice.

We have informed Immigration New Zealand about the conference so that they are aware that many of the participants will be applying for visas and arriving in Auckland. Immigration New Zealand has provided this advice for participants of AIED 2011 travelling to NZ:

I would like to draw you attention to a new visitor visa category for visiting academics that may be appropriate for this situation. I have attached the immigration instructions in full.

To fit under this category the visiting academics must be:

  • well-qualified in their field; and
  • either employed by an overseas academic or research institution, or have wide experience in such employment; and
  • undertaking activities of a pedagogical, educational, professional management or research nature.

All participants must provide a letter of invitation from the tertiary education institute or institutes where they plan to undertake academic work, confirming:

  • the name of the participant; and
  • that the participant has the attributes listed above; and
  • the activity or activities the participant will undertake while in New Zealand; and
  • the dates or duration of the conference.

Participants from visa waiver countries (travelling on passports of those countries) will be able to enter New Zealand under the visitor visa waiver arrangement and will not have to apply for visas before travelling to New Zealand. Please ensure that they carry a copy of the above mentioned letter when they travel, in case it is required at the border. A list of visa free countries is attached.

Participants from visa required countries will need to obtain a visitor visa before they travel to New Zealand. They will need to submit an application at their nearest immigration office.

See the attached document on visiting academics (PDF).

If you need an invitation letter, please contact us (local chair) with the following details after you have registered:

  • Full name (as shown in your passport),
  • Physical address,
  • Affiliation,
  • If you are a research student, your supervisor/advisor,

The Immigration New Zealand website contains authorative informative on entry requirements to New Zealand. A local NZ Embassy can also provide you with information and help you with any visa queries.

Please also check the Visiting New Zealand page for more information.

I have registered for the conference. Will I receive an official receipt?

If you have paid by credit card and your registration payment was successful, you will automatically be emailed an official receipt (as a PDF). This receipt will be sent to the email address of the payee. We have received a few queries regarding receipts and often we have found that the recipient's spam filter has been over zealous and blocked the automated receipt.

If you have not received your receipt after a successful registration, please:

  • check with the payee (if someone else's credit card was used),
  • check to see if the payee's spam filter quarantined the receipt.

If you are still unsuccessful in finding the receipt, please contact us with the details of the transaction. We will ask the University's finance department to track your transaction, issue a receipt, and we will send it across to you.

If you have any queries about your registration, please contact us.

I need to print my poster in Auckland. Where can I do that?

If you need to print your poster in Auckland, there are a number of commercial printers that you can look for on yellow.co.nz. Neville Newcomb is one such place not too far from the University.