Turn on the TV to turn off the TV: An Application of Adaptive Learning Television to Discuss the Television


Ana C. A. de Campos and Fabio N. Akhras

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This paper presents an approach to the development of adaptive learning television programs to raise awareness of social matters. Interacting with a simple adaptive television program people is led to discuss issues of social matters in order to learn about these issues. The adaptive television program that has been created stimulate the spectator to discuss issues of social relevance through the interaction with a series of media objects of two main kinds: videos and choices. The focus of the application developed is the discussion of the television. One of the objectives of the project is to explore the use of adaptive television to provide independent learning programs that can reach marginalized populations that live in the more underdeveloped and isolated regions of the country, as a way of promoting the social inclusion of this population, which have no access to the internet but has plenty access to the television.


television, adaptivity, interactivity, learning, social inclusion