Modeling Confusion: Facial Expression, Task, and Discourse in Task-Oriented Tutorial Dialogue


Joseph Grafsgaard, Kristy Boyer, Robert Phillips and James C. Lester

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Full paper
12. 10:30-12:30, Friday 1 July


Recent years have seen a growing recognition of the importance of affect in learning. Efforts are being undertaken to enable intelligent tutoring systems to recognize and respond to learner emotion, but the field has not yet seen the emergence of a fully contextualized model of learner affect. This paper reports on a study of learner affect through an analysis of facial expression in human task-oriented tutorial dialogue. It extends prior work through in-depth analyses of a highly informative facial action unit and its interdependencies with dialogue utterances and task structure. The results demonstrate some ways in which learner facial expressions are dependent on both dialogue and task context. The findings also hold design implications for affect recognition and tutorial strategy selection within tutorial dialogue systems.


Affect, tutorial dialogue, tutorial strategies.