Observations of Collaboration in Cognitive Tutor Use in Latin America


Erin Walker, Amy Ogan, Ryan S.J.d. Baker, Adriana De Carvalho, Tania Laurentino, Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez and Maynor Jimenez Castro

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Cognitive tutoring systems have proven to be effective at improving mathematics learning in economically developed countries, but little is known about how teachers and students use these systems in other cultures. We visited three Latin American countries and observed use of the Middle School Mathematics Tutor in a school in each country. We found that students in these classrooms tended to work more collaboratively than observed students in the United States, in particular engaging in more interdependently-paced work and conducting work away from their own computer. We discuss how cognitive tutors might be improved to be more adaptive to these environments.


cognitive tutors, collaborative learning, cultural adaptation