Feedback during Web-Based Homework: The Role of Hints


Ravi Singh, Muhammad Saleem, Prabodha Pradhan, Cristina Heffernan, Neil Heffernan, Leena Razzaq, Matthew Dailey, Christine O'Connor and Courtney Mulcahy

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Full paper
3. 11:00-12:30, Wednesday 29 June


Prior work has shown that computer-supported homework can lead to better results over traditional paper-and-pencil homework. This study about learning from homework involved the comparison of immediate-feedback with tutoring versus a control condition where students got feedback the next day in math class. After analyzing eighth grade students who participated in both conditions, it was found that they gained significantly more (effect size 0.40) with computer-supported homework. This result has practical significance as it suggests an effective improvement over the widely used paper-and-pencil homework. The main result is followed with a second set of studies to better understand this result: is it due to the timeliness of feedback or quality tutoring?


evaluation of CAL systems; intelligent tutoring systems; interactive learning environments; secondary education; teaching/learning strategies