Lattice-Based Approach to Building Templates for Natural Language Understanding in Intelligent Tutoring Systems


Shrenik Devasani, Gregory Aist, Stephen B. Blessing and Stephen Gilbert

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Full paper
8. 13:30-15:00, Thursday 30 June


We describe a domain-independent authoring tool, ConceptGrid, that helps non-programmers develop intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) that perform natural language processing. The approach involves the use of a lattice-style table-driven interface to build templates that describe a set of required concepts that are meant to be a part of a student’s response to a question, and a set of incorrect concepts that reflect incorrect understanding by the student. The tool also helps provide customized just-in-time feedback based on the concepts present or absent in the student’s response. This tool has been integrated and tested with a browser-based ITS authoring tool called xPST.


natural language processing, intelligent tutoring system, authoring tool