A "Laboratory of Knowledge-Making" for Personal Inquiry Learning


Mike Sharples, Trevor Collins, Markus Feißt, Mark Gaved, Paul Mulholland, Mark Paxton and Michael Wright

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Full paper
17. 13:30-15:00, Friday 1 July


We describe nQuire, a constraint-based learning toolkit to support a continuity of inquiry based learning between classroom and non-formal settings. The paper proposes design requirements for personal inquiry learning environments that support learning of personally meaningful science topics with development of metacognitive understanding and self-regulation of the scientific process through situated practice. It introduces a generic implementable model of the inquiry process, and describes an instantiation in the nQuire learning environment. An example of the use of the toolkit for a Healthy Eating inquiry with 28 Year 9 students concludes with results of the trial, design issues and recommendations.


inquiry learning, science learning, metacognition, constraint-based