Extending a Teachable Agent with a Social Conversation Module – Effects on Student Experiences and Learning


Agneta Gulz, Magnus Haake and Annika Silvervarg

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Full paper
13. 10:30-12:30, Friday 1 July


The paper discusses the addition of off-task socially oriented conver¬sational abilities to an existing “teachable agent” (TA) in an educational game in mathematics. The purpose of this extension is to affect constructs known to promote learning, such as self-efficacy and engagement as well as enhance students’ experiences of interacting with the game. A comparison of students that played the game with the off-task interaction to those who played without it, shows trends that indicate that students who played the game with off-task interaction had a more positive experience of the game, and that they also learnt more, as reflected in the learning outcomes of their TAs.


Educational game in mathematics, conversational pedagogical agent, teachable agent, off-task interaction, socially oriented conversation.