AIED 2011 Banquet

Thursday 30 June

The AIED 2011 banquet requires registration. If you have not registered for the banquet, you can do so before 22 June (Register here).


Trip to the banquet

  • To Kelly Tarlton's: Bus leaves outside the Engineering building main entrance: 4:45pm
  • To Orakei Bay Function Centre: Bus leaves outside Kelly Tarlton's: 6:15pm
    • Trip from the banquet

      • From Orakei Bay Function Centre: Bus leaves at 10:30pm
      • Bus returns via the Engineering building, Pullman Hotel, Langham Hotel

      The AIED 2011 banquet will start soon after the last session on Thursday 30 June. A bus will take the participants who have registered for the banquet to Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World. The Penguin Encounter is timed in accordance with the Antarctic day/night lighting cycle. This means that we have to be at Kelly Tarlton's early enough to see the penguins. The programme on Thursday has been modified to have an early finish to accommodate this.

      The Antarctic Encounter is home to New Zealand’s only sub-Antarctic penguins, offering a rare opportunity to see the magnificent birds up close in their icy domain. A unique snowcat ride brings you within arms length of the 80-strong colony of King and Gentoo penguins to watch their playful antics on the snow and their elegant flight underwater. A walkthrough replica of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic hut (established back in 1911), complete with authentic memorabilia offers a glimpse at what it was like to live 100 years ago in the coldest place on Earth. In the Underwater World, enter Stingray Bay for an awe-inspiring look at the giant stingrays, before delving deep into the Underwater World to see the rich variety of species from New Zealand’s coastal waters. Come face to face with sharks, turtles, giant rays and other incredible deep sea creatures on the moving walkway. New Zealand’s rocky shore and tropical species await you in Fish Alley. See everything from crayfish to seahorses, octopus to piranha and moray eels.

      Following the Kelly Tarlton's experience, the participants will be transported to the dinner venue (Orakei Bay Function Centre) for an evening of mouth-watering food, good company, and a few laughs courtesy of H. Chad Lane!

      I'm Learnding! What the Simpsons have to teach AIED about education, learning, and technology

      Dinner talk by H. Chad Lane


      Homer strangles Chad, but thankfully he is alive to tell the tale!Lisa, Ralph, Homer, Bart, Principal Skinner... If these names are familiar to you, then you know that The Simpsons is much more than a cartoon. The sometimes irreverent, but always entertaining dialogue is riddled with commentary about most aspects of society. In this very serious talk, we're going to get to know these characters (and many others) as they think and learn, go to school, play video games, and more. We'll get a glimpse into Homer's inner deliberations, the under-achieving and dilapidated Springfield Elementary School, Bart's poor study habits and imaginative problem solving skills, Lisa's aspirations and views on science, Ms. Krabappel's frequent commentary on assessment, and much much more. As we investigate the realities the Simpsons reveal to us, we'll also see how the AIED track record stacks up. What important ideas are we missing? Which characters on the Simpsons would your research help (or not)? In the end, I hope you find the presentation to be perfectly cromulent.


      H. Chad Lane is a Research Scientist at the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies. His research involves the application of artificial intelligence and entertainment technologies to educational problems, such as informal STEM learning and intercultural skills. Chad's fascination with cartoons began at an early age with Looney Toons, carried into high school and college with the Simpsons, and continues on with Futurama and Family Guy. This talk is a result of years of note-taking and an inability to stop thinking about work while relaxing. And there won't even be much talking.